Classic Wavy Wig

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Envisioned and designed with casual, daily wear in mind;  to create something perfect for lolita without being too over the top for everyday use.  These come complete with fun, loose cascading curls and long, side-swept bangs which can be trimmed or styled to suit your face - this wig has infinite possibilities! This redesign incorporates our new high-temperature fibers from S. Korea and can be heated to 428*F/220*C (Be sure to spot test it before applying to the main part of wig as some thermometers are not always accurate).

Available Colors: Auburn Mix,Black Mahogany Burgundy, Burgundy, Cranberry, Crimson Red, Dark Brown Mix,Dark Grey Mix, Deep Pink, Geisha Gone Wild Mix, Golden Chestnut Brown Mix, Lavender,Light Blonde Mix,Milk Tea Mix, Mint, Peachy Pink, Pink Blonde, Platinum Blonde,Purple Mix, Red & Black Split Mix, Silver, Teal, Tokyo Blonde, White, Yellow, Blonde Fade, Rose Fade, Dusty Plum, Gypsy Kiss (Black),Sax Fade

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