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BDSM Love  BDSM LOVE:Tribute to pop artist Robert Indiana and love for the BDSM lifestyle. 1" soft enamel with 2 black rubber backers!
Yes Daddy 1.5" Silver Hard Enamel with 2 rubber backers
Yes Mistress  1.5" soft enamel pin with 2 rubber backers.
Booty Positive Booty Positive: Show your love for the booty! 1.5” Pin with two backing pins and black rubber clutch.
Bound By Love  Bound By Love: 1.5" soft enamel with 2 rubber backers.
Loki Loki: Looks like Loki got in some trouble.. again! 2" soft enamel with 2 backing nails.
Love Gun Love Gun : Cocked and loaded! Get yours now! 1.5" dyed black enamel with 2 rubber backers.
Nunsense Nunsense: Here's your chance to get your own Nun ball gagged and tied! 2" soft enamel with 2 rubber backers!
Thanos Thanos: Where is he putting that gauntlet? 2" Soft Enamel pin with 2 rubber backers!
Spider Pool Spider Pool :  It's the most searched for fandom on Tumblr, it's the joke that was made in Deadpool 2 and now it's a pin! What more could you ask for?  1.5" Soft Enamel with 2 rubber backers. 
Jessica Jessica: She's not bad, she was just drawn that way! Taken from the classic Rodger Rabbit short "Roller Coaster Rabbit" this 2" soft enamel pin will look great with your kinky Disney pins
Cockzilla Cockzilla: Cockzilla is a 1.5" soft enamel pin with 2 rubber backers.
D.VA  D.VA:She's here in all her bondage glory! This 2" soft enamel pin will look great with your Overwatch collection! 
Magic Wand Magic Wand: Show your Potter Pride! We updated this one it's now 1.5". Soft Enamel Silver Metal Plated Lapel Pin w/ 2 post black rubber backer.
Dick Saber Dick Saber: Is that a lightsaber in your pocket... 1.5" Soft Enamel with 2 black rubber backers.
Mistress Moon Mistress Moon: Mistress Moon is 2" soft enamel with 2 backing nails.
Rope Bunny Rope Bunny: Now you can always have a Rope Bunny with you! 1.25" Soft Enamel Black Metal Plated Lapel Pin with 2 posts and black rubber backer!
Midnight Midnight:You love the curvaceous Midnight in My Hero Academia, now you can get the lovely Pro Hero in all her dominatrix glory in a pin! 2" soft enamel  with 2 rubber backers.
Mistress D Mistress D:A whole different take look at the Daria you once knew. MADE HER BIGGER! 2"soft enamel pin with 2 backing pins and black rubber clutches.
Harley Quinn You love Harley Quinn and and Slave Lea, here's our tribute to both. This 2" Soft Enamel Pin has 2 black rubber backers.
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