Skinny Prism Paddle Asstd

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Whether you are seeking the sting of punishment, the thud of connection or the sensations of massage or mild abrasion, this versatile tool can deliver!

  • measures 17" x 1" x  0.75"
  • use the smooth, flat side for stingy corporal punishment scenes
  • use the flat side with raised prisms for sensual massage or mild abrasion play
  • use the narrow side of the toy or the butt of the handle for deep tissue massage or thuddy sensations 
  • handle style may vary due to being hand cut
  • can be special ordered in a variety of colored wood options just a standard available wood of our choosing
  • multiple customers and friends have reported that impact with textured toys on the buttocks can help relax the pelvic floor in some humans
  • sold as a prop for use in fantasy roleplay- buyer assumes all responsibility for use or misuse and releases seller and maker from any liability for injury
  • handmade in the southeastern USA
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