Stronic Surf

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Deep-tissue massage is yours with the Stronic super powerful thrusting vibrator and its 10 incredible movement modes. Enjoy hands-free thrusting and internal massages to make your every nerve ending pulse with ripples of pleasure.

The thrusting shaft of your Stronic is crafted in smooth silicone with an intensely rippled exterior to massage the hotspots along every inch of your vagina.

Enjoy 10 deliciously different thrusting modes ranging from a constant gentle pulse to wild rhythmic thrusts. Thanks to the easy-to-use control panel you can effortlessly work up to stronger settings or go straight in at the highest orgasmic pattern.

Completely waterproof, you can make a real splash in the bath or tub with your thrusty vibe.

The Stronic is USB rechargeable and gives you a whopping 45 minutes of constant play on the highest setting.

Make sure you coat the shaft with plenty of water-based lubricant for the richest, wettest sensations.

Availabel Colors: Black, Neon Orange, Petrol

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