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This FDA Approved TENS Unit is both Safe and Effective for pain relief of the neck, back, hips. TENS Units are used to relieve all types of pain - back, foot, shoulder, neck, virtually any acute or chronic pain. It does this by overriding the pain signal to the brain through electrical impulses which cause involuntary muscle contractions!

In addition to its intended use for pain relief, think of the erotic possibilities. An electrode on each thigh with a vibrator in between in a thrilling combination for most human bodies! Dial slowly, paying close attention to the setting which is most effective for you (or yours)!

The TENS Unit allows you to (slowly...) control and customize the intensity, pulse rate, and pulse width to find the best setting for relief or excitement!

Sex is a natural painkiller, so you can use one channel for “therapy” for sore parts of your body and keep the other channel down in your thighs for a most pleasant diversion.

This is one of the most cost effective and safest electro-stim devices. The TENS is small and easily portable. Put it on your belt or in your pocket. It works off a standard 9 volt battery.

The TENS E-stim System includes: Dual Channel Analog TENS Unit Hard Carrying Case 4 2 x 2 Inch Square Electrode Pads 9 Volt Battery Lead Wires 3 Programs and ModesInstruction Manual Optional

Items you may wish to order with the unit include: Electrode Preparation Spray which prolongs the life of the electrodes (pays for itself) by hydrating the electrode pad as well as removing body oil which erodes the electrode pads. Extra Electrode PadsThe unit comes with 4 Electrode Pads that last 20-30 times. At some point you will need additional electrodes so be sure to purchase some extras today!

Electro-sex TENS leads and adaptors allow you to attach most popular sex stimulators to this basic box.

WARNING: Never attach electrodes in a way that causes current to travel across or through the heart- do not attach electrodes (or conductive attachments) on a single channel across nipples or opposite hands.

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