2 Channel 12 Mode Power Box

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Warning: The contact points for electric muscle stimulators must not be configured in a way that sends even low current through the heart! This includes, but is not limited to splitting current on a single channel between the nipples or fingertips. For more information on electric play, see the book Juiced by Uncle Abdul.

The S04 Power box is the most versatile and powerful box for electrical stimulation. Perfect for delivering mild to orgasmic to sadomasochistic sensations - the range and control on this box truly provides "more bang for the buck."

Although the unit does not come with a carrying case, the cost of providing your own luggage will more than pay for the options you have with this unit.

This machine has 2 channels and 12 different mode patterns. Technically it's 6 modes and 6 "areas" but in function it equals 36 possible pattern combinations. Definitely our best value, and except for its lack of audiostim capability this is as or more functional than any box on the market, at whatever price. 

It also has 20 different intensity levels. It uses either 4AA batteries or a standard ac/dc adapter (now included!) and has LED indicator lights. 

It is also very easy to use! Because of the stronger power levels, it may be too intense for some sensitive bits even on the lowest settings. If you're looking for purely sensual stimulation and not more power for insertables, go with the 9 mode instead.

See Madame Amrita's awesome video review of this unit HERE

FDA approved. Note: it has an auto-shutoff timer at 20 minutes for general safety purposes and will need to be turned back on for extended use. 

This box uses standard 4mm TENS cables, 2 of which are included with your purchase.

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