5 Minute Erotica Carol Queen

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35 Evocative stories from America's leading writers of Erotica--smart, sexy, and fun for the perfect brief encounter! This new anthology from noted erotica writer Carol Queen, former Playboy columnist, is at once frisky and adventuresome yet introspect and intimate

  • pleasingly brief tales from some of the best writers of erotica today
  • most of the stories feature heterosexual sex
  • also a good mix of fantasy situations, including lesbian encounters and ménages à trois.
  •  guaranteed to jumpstart your libido, whether you share them with your lover or keep them your sly little secret
  • 'Dear Marla,' a man's moving tribute to his lover's unusual eroticism
  • Bad Kitty,' a costumed feline fantasy
  • 'The Suit,' a story in which a woman becomes increasingly aroused watching as her husband is fitted for a new suit.
  • Contributions from
    • Cecilia Tan
    • David Henry Sperry
    • Sage Vivant
    • more
  • 2003 Paperback, 141 pages

erotica, bdsm, book

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