After Midnight: True Lesbian Erotic Confessions Chelsea James, Ed.

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Chelsea James is a pseudonym for Angela Brown, the former editorial director of Alyson Books. As "Nicole Foster," she edited Alyson's most successful lesbian erotica collections, including Awakening the Virginand Show and Tell. This real-life erotica collection is like peeking into the secret diaries of some very frisky girls.

After midnight contains:

  • Uncensored words of real lesbians describing their hottest, wildest erotic adventures.
  • Lesbians from across the country revealing their deepest, most intimate erotic secrets — things they wouldn't dare tell anyone else.
  • 21-year-old Jessica who seduces her mother's best friend.
  • Stacy J.'s confession of her very naughty one-night stand that lasts four days.
  • Swaggering butch studs J.P. and Carla enter a sexual wager that leaves readers breathless

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