Ageless Erotica, Joan Price, Ed.

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This steamy anthology of erotic stories and memoir essays was curated for a mature audience over the age of 50. Edited by senior sex expert and advocate Joan Price, this collection is full of erotica seniors can relate to--embracing the agelessness of sexuality while still encompassing the changes that accompany aging.


  • tender and loving to edgy and kinky
  • characters center heterosexual and lgbt characters
  • partner and  solo sex, having spicy sex
  • casual and longterm encounters
  • Paperback, Illustrated
  •  332 pages
  • 2013

A groundbreaking collection of erotica for seniors, "Ageless Erotica" is a stimulating celebration of the many pleasures of "well-seasoned" sex.

Editor Joan Price is the author of Naked at Our Age and Better Than I Ever Expected


senior, erotica, fiction, fantasy, book

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