Angela Vinyl Pant

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A reliable and durable protective plastic pant for all your incontinence needs.
For use over cloth and disposable diapers:to:
* Reduce crinkling of plastic backed diapers * Control odors  * Protect against leaks.  
Using a plastic pant at night time can help prevent tedious and expensive changing and laundering of sheets every morning.
The cloth elastics are 3/8" wide and comfortably rest against the skin
The pant is durable and can be machine washed and tumbled dry on low.
As with all new garments, we recommend washing before first use.
Made in China of 100% PVC

Available Colors: White

Available Sizes:

Small for waist 26" to 38" (66cm-97cm), hips to 39" (99cm). 

Medium for waist 30" to 43" (77cm-110cm), hips to 43" (110cm). 

Large for waist 36" to 49" (92cm-125cm), hips to 49" (125cm). 

Extra large (XL) for waist 42" to 58" (108cm-148cm), hips to 59" (150cm). 

Extra-extra-large (XXL) for waist 50" to 75" (128cm-190cm), hips to 75" (190cm).  

adult baby, ageplay, abdl, littles, fetish wear, diapering 

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