Authentic Kink Workbook

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Kinksters often have to depend on erotica and porn to learn what kink looks and feels like, but unfortunately, that can create a lot of myths, misunderstandings, and accidental mistakes. BDSM is focused on activities, but just going through the motions won’t guarantee you’ll have a happy, healthy experience. It can take years (and plenty of bad scenes) to help you learn exactly what you enjoy and why. But it doesn't have to if you spend time reflecting on your needs and limits ahead of time.

In this workbook, Princess Kali will teach you how to have the most authentic and fulfilling kink experience possible, using a straightforward method she has created based upon two decades of kink experience.

Exploring kink is a deeply personal experience; this workbook will help you have sexier, safer, more informed adventures.
Inside you’ll find:

  • Journaling and brainstorming are great ways to understand yourself. By putting your thoughts down on paper, it can be easier to self-reflect and examine insights more clearly.
  • Personal evaluation space to write out fantasies and plans for future scenes.
  • Over 100 thought-provoking questions
  • Extensive activity and interest list
  • Aftercare plan and trigger plan
  • Safewords and other verbal shortcuts
  • Creating rituals and protocol negotiation form
  • Verbal vocabulary list
  • Kinky wishlist
  • and so much more!

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