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The basics are fundamental and this guide will be your go to resource for single column ties and flat knots. The single column tie is used for the management of an ankle, including as a line, a futumomo start (locked folded leg, supporting structure), thigh(s), waist, wrist (s), ankles, neck (with restrictions). It is therefore an essential start to absolute control. It is a work of gesture that must be repeated and placement of the body in front of the model depending on the direction and the part of the body to be attached. Finally, this configuration is used for any line fixation on a bearing element such as futumomo or harness.

  • Paperback - 30 pages
  • Educational Rope Bondage Book
  • Step-by-Step Guide with Photographs
  • Technique and Tips
  • Bilingual - English and French

 bdsm how to, educational, technique, rope, shibari, human macrame, bondage, restraint

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