Bathmate Hydromax Pump

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With real, lasting growth for penis size, erection hardness and overall confidence, Hydromax is the world’s most popular model of penis pump for a reason. The Bathmate Hydromax series was designed as an upgrade to the original-series hydropump, adding a full 35% extra power, while making the pump easier to use in several key ways. It has been designed with options made to fit every size of user, providing real results and an unmatched level of satisfaction. The Hydromax series is an excellent choice for new or experienced users.

  • New Bellow Pump - 35% More Power
  • Improved Flexibility
  • Removable Comfort Pad for Convenient, Hygienic Cleaning
  • Tighter, More Comfortable Seal
  • Superflow Latch Valve
  • Hold Pressure Longer - Prevent Over-Pumping
  • Easy to Use - Just Add Water
  • Metric and Imperial Measuring Guide
  • Approved by Doctors, Clinically Tested
  • Boost Blood Flow, Health, and Well-Being
  • Improve your Erection Size and Hardness

Available Colors: Aqua Blue, Crystal Clear, Brillant Red

Available Sizes:

Hydro 3 - 3" or less when erect

Hydro 5 - Up to 5" when erect

Hydro 7 - Between 5"-7" when erect

Hydro 7 Wide - Accommodates for a girth over 6.5"

Hydro 9 - Between 7"- 9" when erect

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