Becoming a Slave: Theory & Practice of Voluntary Servitude Jack Rinella

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Educator, author, activist and longtime leather leader Jack Rinella has created this text, (complete with comments from his slave patrick) to reminisce, review and analyze the courtship between dominant and submissive partners who practice a M/s (Master / slave) dynamic in their relationship to each other.

  • Written for people in or interested in pursuing or studying longterm M/s relationships
  • Discusses the psychological interactions between complementary partners playing Dominant and submissive roles.
  • Delves into the drive or call to serve
  • Dissects the process of finding a partner
  • Negotiating and commiting to the dynamics of a M/s relationship
  • The training process
  • The role of punishment
  • Sexual service
  • Polyamorous and other relationship structures
  • Mental and relationship health
  • Appendices and a glossary of terms
  • Bibliography
  • Written with many personal accounts of Jack's gay M/s relationship with slave patrick (who contributes chapters), but psychological and physical advice that can apply any gender or orientation
  • Published in 2005
  • Paperback, 314 pages

BDSM, servitude, power exchange, lifestyle, dynamic, book

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