BURSLF Crop Binder

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We fell in love with this innovative binder style (patent pending)  and its creators at the Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference in 2019. This design is nothing short of amazing in terms of fit, comfort and usability

  • Handmade in Ohio, USA
  • Power mesh back
  • Single-layer ponte de roma front layer 
  • Front panel includes silicone tape alone the bottom to hold the binder in place
  • Provides smooth breathable compression together with flexibility
  • Comfortable for wear under a variety of garments and costumes in all sorts of environmental conditions.
  • Tan or Brown color options blend with a variety of skin tones
  • Use the illustration to measure yourself with the 3 POINT MEASURING SYSTEM to order the correct sized binder. Use a tape measure make sure there is no slack in the tape measure when you read your numbers. If possible have someone help you with the measurements. If someone helps you with the measurements it’s preferred to raise your arms while being measured. If you have questions, feel free to contact the designers at [email protected], who will be happy to schedule a Sk
    Type or video call to walk you through your measurements.
    • (A) measure right above the breast area, the measuring tape will touch under your arms.
    • (B) Measure across the breast area.
    • (C) Measure just below the chest area. Use the table below to choose the size binder that most closely matches you measurement.
  • A great Pay It Forward item or gift!

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