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Hickory Cane

  • A 3/8" steel tubed laundry container for fun, and the container rod marked first. Because this is American White Hickory - and it is serious stuff. It takes a few marks, and just keeps on going.
  • It has authority. Slightly more weight than oak, a subtler grain (tighter grain means tighter, tougher wood) than rock maple, and hickory is the wood traditionally used for mountain hiking sticks because it can take such a pounding.
  • Hickory canes - because of their weight, they penetrate. So the force of each blow goes all the way into bottom.

• Length: 30” Long
• Materials: White American Hickory, Leather Cord Wrap
• Width: 5/8” Thick
• Flexibility: Solid
• Weight: Heavy
• Color: Natural white.
• Good for: Intermediate players with a really deft hand to Advanced looking for some deep love
• Sensation : Penetrating. Deeply penetrating.
• Marks: Depends on the player - but they roll deep and last.

Maple Cane:

White American maple, tight grained, hard and tight, cut and rounded by hand then oiled and treated, water sealed and hand wrapped with leather.

• Length: 28” Long
• Materials:
• Width: 1/2” Thick
• Flexibility: Solid
• Weight: Heavy
• Color: White with black leather wrap grips
• Good for: Beginners to Advanced
• Sensation : Screamingly Stinging
• Marks: Thin, raised red bars of wickedness.

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