Curvy Girls: Erotica for Women Rachel Kramer Bussel & April Flores Ed

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From the editor of "Dirty Girls" comes a new anthology of steamy stories for women who don't fit into a size zero--or two, or four--and the men and women who love them.

  • A voluptuously erotic collection
  • showcases the sensual side of having "more to love,"
  • celebrates the sexiness of big butts and plus-size corsets to the irresistible allure of pregnant bellies
  • No aspect of full-figured female sexuality is left unexplored
  • heterosexual and same-sex
  • raunchy and romantic
  • femme and butch.
  • seductive stories feature characters of varying ethnic and racial backgrounds
  • explore how different cultures approach size and eroticism
  • trysts between long-time partners to one-night stands
  • vanilla encounters to kinky romps
  • "Curvy Girls" is an inclusive celebration of the sensuality of larger women--in all their curvy glory.
  • 2012 Paperback¬† 254 pages

erotica, erotic fiction, rubinesque, plus size, body positive

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