Does Sex Have an Expiration Date? Susana Mayer

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Do any of these questions resonate with you?

  • Are you living in a sexless or near sexless relationship?
  • Does your partner want sex a lot more than you do?
  • Do physical problems keep you from enjoying sex?
  • Does sex no longer feel as good as it once did?
  • Is sex a topic you rarely discuss – or when you do, someone is angry?
  • Would you prefer never to have sex again?

Are you tired of saying or hearing these words?

  • Not tonight dear
  • I’m too tired
  • Is sex the only thing on your mind?
  • We’re too old for sex.
  • When are we going to have sex again?
  • We haven’t had sex in so long, I’m beginning to think you don’t love me anymore?
  • You can’t expect me to go without sex.

These statements and questions are addressed, with information and activities found throughout the book. Sample dialogues are included to help alleviate any unease or embarrassment you may have in talking about anything related to sex and/or your body. The partial workbook format is designed to support you in exploring your connection with sex, and developing a personalized expression of intimacy


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