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This natural beauty magnifies your eyes thanks to its unique pattern, and the warmest blend of Brown and Hazel. It has no contrast ring! It's just so natural.


The affordable Donut brand contacts provide a subtle change to your outlook that will be appreciated by all who see you!

  • Lenses are sold in pairs
  • Non-prescription colored contact lenses
  • Diameter: 14.2mm Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Last up to 1 year once opened - replace after this time period
  • Includes a lens case and full contact lens care instructions

Please Note: These lenses  are not vision correcting lenses, they cannot be used for vision correction like those sold by an optometrist.

Warm Gray Warm Gray: Light tones of natural Gray, infused with rays of light Honey. This natural beauty's texture and design makes it magically adaptive to the colour of your eyes.
Hot Gray Hot Gray: A delicate and absolutely natural blend of Gray and Honey. The texture and faded edge will naturally magnify your eyes.
Aquatic Gray Aquatic Gray: Stand out with this unbelievably natural Gray beauty. Pure Gray tones with no contrast ring.
charming gray Charming Gray: Charming blend of dark Gray tones designed with a unique pattern to look absolutely natural and beautifully serene.
Pearl Gray Pearl Gray: A very special beauty made in a unique Gray tone and faded Green. The Pearl is designed with love for a unique natural look.
Pure Gray Pure Gray: Pure Gray tones with a light contrast ring for a natural Gray look.
Metallic Gray Metallic Gray:Cold Gray tones with a sharp contrast ring, get a spectacular metallic look with this unique beauty.
Stone Gray Stone Gray: A confident blend of Gray tones with a bold contrast ring for a gorgeous Gray look that stands out.
Space Gray Space Gray: This one-of-a-kind beauty gives you the doll's eyes thanks to its unique pattern, and the unique Gray tones.
Sweet Olive Sweet Olive: A sweet blend of Olive, Yellow and Honey with a magnifying pattern and a slight contrast ring for a perfect blonde look.
Deep Green Deep Green: Invoke the spirit of the faerie folk and mystical woodland creatures with this magical shade of green eye.

Deep Green tones with a light contrast ring for an ultimate Green look.

Aquatic Green Aquatic Green: Inspired by vivid coral reefs, this aquatic blend of Blue and Green tones will stand out and spread charm everywhere you go.
Pure Green Pure Green: Natural Green with a faded tone of Yellow at the center. A slight contrast ring is added for a bolder look.
Pure Blue Pure Blue: Pure Blue tones with a dark contrast ring for a bolder blue look.
Ocean Blue Ocean Blue: Inspired by the ocean at dawn, it is a perfect blend of pure Blue tones and Yellow rays. The faded edge will give you an absolutely natural look.
Charming Blue Charming Blue: A summary of charming Blue tones infused with faded Yellow. Absolutely natural with no contrast ring.
Pure Honey Pure Honey:It's unique pattern, and the charming blend of Beige and Honey makes the absolutely natural Oro on the top of everybody's must-have list.
Brownish Hazel Brownish Hazel: Distinct blend of Gray and Hazel with a sharp contrast ring, a unique brownish compilation that stands out and makes a bold statement.
 Pure Hazel Pure Hazel: All possible blends of Hazel and Honey on one elegant beauty. Contrast ring is added for a bolder look.
Bronze Hazel Bronze Hazel: A unique Gray tone infused with Hazel at the edge and a sharp contrast ring. A distinct bronze look that stands out just perfectly.
Dark Honey Dark Honey: Get the mysterious Arabian look with this spontaneous blend of Marron and Dark Honey with a faded contrast ring.
Mocha Brown Mocha Brown: Natural beauty in Light Chocolate Brown blended in Hazel. It is designed in a unique pattern and no contrast ring for an absolutely natural look.
Vanilla Brown Vanilla Brown: This natural beauty magnifies your eyes thanks to its unique pattern, and the warmest blend of Brown and Hazel. It has no contrast ring! It's just so natural.

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