Essence Of Tantric Sexuality Mark A. Michaels & Patricia Johnson

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Based upon the teachings of Dr. Jonn Mumford, this book is much more than an erotic sex manual―though, it is that, too! From autoerotic mysticism to sex magic, this book reveals how internal energies can be used to reach altered states of consciousness and transcendence. This book also carefully explains the Tantric philosophy and the principles of this Indian tradition, effectively demystifying Tantra and making it accessible to beginners. Erogenic zones, perfume magic, secret Tantric symbols, Tantric massage, the Tantric mass, and Tantric terminology are all explored in this comprehensive guide to sexual Tantra.

  • Paperback - 240 pages
  • Educational Sexuality Book
  • Practice and Philosophy
  • Step-by-Step Guide
  • Instructional Handbook
  • Beginner Friendly

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