Glo FX Multicolor Space Whip

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These LED Fiber Optic Whips feature the world’s most advanced Optical Rave Technology. Space Whips are engineered to outperform all other Fiber Optic Whips on the market by utilizing the highest quality fiber and parts. Prepare yourself to be immersed into a 3D light show you never thought was possible. Pick up a GloFX Space Whip and control galaxies of light with the push of a button.


  • 2x GloFX Space Whip Pro
  • Programmable LED Powerhouse
  • Double Poi Ginerloops
  •  WhipGripz (Installed)
  • Sleek Onyx Black Finish
  • Water Resistant Sealed Housing
  • 13 Display Modes
  • 34 Brilliant Color Choices to Program Into Modes
  • Powerful LED with 3 Brightness Levels
  • 360 Degree Ball Bearing with Over 130 Fibers (.75 mm End Glow Nano Fiber) – Each Poi
  • Approximately 3 Feet Long with Tapered Fibers – Each Poi
  • Long Battery Life to Last All Night
  • Onboard Memory
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • 3x AAA Batteries
  • WhipGripz – hold onto your whip, no matter how wild the night gets. Pick your favorite color: Black, Green, Blue, Red, or Yellow!

Rechargeable batteries with Charger +$19.99
Flow grease 1 oz - Prevents strands from tangling

End Glow Nano Fiber Optics 

Enjoy a Fiber Fantasy with Space Whip Pro Poi! This Whip includes nearly twice the amount of Fiber as the original Hybrid Poi Set! End Glow Nano Fiber forces light directly to the end of each strand creating the brightest possible point of light. Each Space Whip Pro Poi has over 130 individual fibers to produce a perfectly sized bundle that is 3 feet long. These fibers are tapered to allow for a wider spread of light, less tangling, and a super soft feel.

360 Degree Ball Bearing Technology

The Space Whip Pro is guaranteed to be the smoothest whip on the market due to its highly advanced professionally engineered ball bearing assembly. This allows the user more flexibility and range of motion, while also enhancing fluid movement and whip tricks. All housed inside a sleek removable cap.

Water Resistant and Durable 

GloFX Space Whips are designed to resist the elements, both natural and human. The housing is beautifully anodized to prevent rust or corrosion and is shaped in an ergonomic contoured design to fit in your hand. Oh, and did we mention it’s water resistant?

Super Bright Powerful LEDs

Space Whip Pro is our brightest yet, providing ultimate visibility in any environment. Choose from 3 brightness levels to perfect your color palette. Space Whip Pro emits over 50% more light than previous models!

Programmable LED Powerhouse

Never again will you feel limited when it comes to color combinations. Space Whip Pro features a Programmable microchip giving you 34 color choices with 13 custom display modes.  Choose any 1, 2, or 3 colors and select from the 3 levels of brightness to create your own unique color palette! Use 1 mode functionality so that your favorite color combination and mode is available at the click of a button. Or, quickly reset to factory default in less than 10 seconds any time.

Lifetime Warranty

Glo FX offers a Lifetime Warranty on all Space Whips. All Space Fiber Products are covered under our LIFETIME WARRANTY, no matter when or where you purchased them.


What’s Included

  • WhipGripz – Black (Installed)
  • Drawstring Carrying Bag
  • User Guide with Mode Chart
  • Warranty Card

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