just Watch Me: Erotica for Women Violet Blue, Ed.

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Editor, blogger and author Violet Blue has curated a collection of naughty fantasy for (heterosexual) women. Just Watch Me is a sassy selection of the very best erotica by women, for women.

  • Hand-picked by Violet Blue from the Best Women's Erotica series
  • Rread nice and slow so that every outrageous scenario can be savored
  • Sydney Beier's "Reading to Horst" follows an American woman living in Germany who conducts foreplay by reading aloud to a tourist from Anaïs Nin's Little Birds.
  • In Alison Tyler's "Four on the Floor," a pair of lovers hunt for and conquer another couple.
  • In Elizabeth Coldwell's "Heat" witness the fierce affair between a barmaid and her brutish boss, a man she doesn't even like but who sets her heart pounding.
  • Intended as inspiration for bedroom adventures, this heady collection of smart, sensual erotic stories is filled with hair-raising, relatable encounters.
  • 2005, Paperback 227 pages

women, romance, erotica, pansexual, fiction, fantasy, anthology, book

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