Leather V-Divider

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 A V-style divider firmly separates the testicles, while also providing the pleasurable effects of a cock ring. Cowhide leather v-style cock and ball divider that is adjustable with snaps. Never fear hazardous materials again! If you are sensitive to nickel, you know how the threat of a bad reaction can put a damper on even the sexiest action. That is why Spartacus developed products that are not only allergen free. They are worry free! Ball dividers are cock rings with added straps which wrap around the balls to lift and separate them, Dividers create a tautness which increases the sensitivity to the testicles.

Available Color: Black, Red

Available Sizes: One Size

Leather V-Divider, bdsm, restraints, bondage, cock and balls, genital play, fetish, kink, cock ring

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