Leathersex: A Guide for the Curious Outsider and the Serious Player Joseph Bean 2nd ed.

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This book was written to give guidance to one popular style of erotic play which the author calls "leathersex"-sexuality that may include S/M, bondage, dominance, submission, fantasy, role playing, sensual physical stimulation, and fetish, to name just a few. If you are simply curious about leathersex, or if you already enjoy its pleasures but want to learn more, this book is for you!

  • Real life experiences in the leather scene over decades from getting started to playing with power and sex

  • Playing with sensations both painful and pleasurable
  • Taking and minimizing risks
  • Psychological profiles of Dominant and submissive roles in relationships

  • Spirituality and Leathersex
  • Paperback - 220 pages
  • Written by longtime leather activist Joseph Bean,

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