Lust: Erotic Fantasies for Women Violet Blue, Ed

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Who can live without lust? All day and night, our minds run through delicious possibilities. " Lust" is a collection of erotica by and for women, a fierce and joyous celebration of female desire -- and the triple-X trouble it gets us into. Let the witty and provocative Violet Blue, best-selling writer, sex columnist for the" San Francisco Chronicle" and host of the popular podcast" Open Source Sex, " lead you down a primrose path to a forest of wicked, lustful surprises.

  • a silky hand beckoning us into the VIP lounge
  • a stranger in the backseat
  • the hunky FedEx driver bringing his package to the door 
  • our own lascivious memories.
  • In Kay Jaybee's "Tied to the Kitchen Sink," a birthday boy finds his present -- nude except for tall, high-heeled boots -- happily devoted to domestic duties.
  • Maria Grigoriadis's "Pleasant Surprise" shows what can happen when you knock on the wrong apartment door -- without your panties.
  • And Bonnie Dee's "Ripe Fruit" teasingly elaborates the sweet, sticky encounter of a soap opera idol and a fruit-stand employee on a stretch of rural roadside.

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