Max Smooth Gaff

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This design provides maximum smoothing of the crotch area with a mid-rise panty style and thong back. Our specially designed satin front panel results in an extra smooth and flat front area for those times when you need that extra smooth appearance. Each hiding gaff comes with instructions for use for best results.

  • Exclusive diamond shape smoothing front panel
  • Maximum smoothing and flattening effect
  • Mid-rise panty style and thong back
  • For those times when you need an extra smooth appearance
  • Each Gaff Comes with instructions for use and care! 
  • May not be as suitable for all day use. For the same style in flexible fit for all day active comfort consider a comfort gaff

Sizes: Small (27-30), Medium (31-36), Large (37-41), Extra Large (44-46) 
Each Gaff has a different level of compression, so each size chart will vary a bit.
You may wear a different size in different gaffs, so please be sure to check the chart for EACH Gaff style

transfeminine, feminization, drag, femme, tucking, cross dressing, body modification, gender transformation

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