Max Twist Nipple Suckers

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  • Size Matter 2 Max Twist Nipple Suckers.
  • These simple and powerful nipple suckers are perfect for anyone looking for some consistent, strong suction.
  • All you have to do is place the base of the sucker firmly against the nipple to create a seal, and then twist the easy-grip control cap to create immediate suction.
  • Enjoy a light sucking sensation or twist the knob further to create a serious vacuum.
  • Just turn the cap backward to return the internal plunger to its original position and release the suction when you are ready.
  • Measurements 4 inches overall length, 1.17 inches inner diameter.
  • Material ABS plastic.
  • Colors Clear, White.
  • Note includes one pair.

toys, bdsm, nipple play, suction, stimulation, sexuality, mobility, genital play

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