Nylon Snake Whip

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Nylon whips are becoming very popular in recent years mainly because of better construction than earlier ones. They are completely washable and has the advantage of being accurate as well as  practical to use outside in less than favorable weather conditions , in a grassy park or even on a beach. Dirt or dust can be shaken out of the nylon whips and the washing can be kept to a minimum.  Also, after washing, your nylon whip should be hung to dry naturally.  About the only adverse condition for it is leaving it in direct sunlight for an extended period of time, such as leaving it in the back window of your car. Keep your expensive leather or kangaroo whip to use indoors or on nice days.

Our nylon whips are 12 plait, shot loaded, 3 feet long, measuring just the thong, not including the wrist strap, the tail, or the cracker

Available Colors; Black

bdsm, impact, floggers, sting, punishment

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