Pig Sweat Solvent

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Always a favorite of Dommes, rug beaters are sexy and make lasting impressions with ease!

Straight Rug Beater:

  • New and nasty rug beater
  • loop of 1/4" delrin
  • tightened down to give maximum tension in the loop, for wicked and fast raising marks.
  • Similiar toys made of rubber are out there for solid thud - this one has a vicious sting that lasts and lasts.


• Length: 13" Long, 7" wide
• Materials: Delrin, Vinyl, pain, fixative
• Width: Just over 1/4" thick in the rods, 7" wide total
• Flexibility: Just a little
• Weight: Light
• Good for: Beginner to Advanced
• Sensation : Sharp sting, frightening feelings.
• Marks: Loopy sharp stinging lines

Available Colors: Black, White

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