Pocket Toy Set

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  • All our rubber products are made from commercial grade neoprene based rubber and can easily be cleaned, using any anti bacterial product,  for use with more than one bottom.
  • Many people have found out Pocket Toy Kit very handy for genital torture.  Genital torture can involve hitting, squeezing and generally punishing the genitals, as well as other things like dripping hot wax, using electro, tying them up, clamping them down, temporary piercing or even fire play. Both Sounding and Chastity can also incorporate genital torture, and genital torture is commonly used in combination with Bondage. Common Genital torture is suspending weights off the testicles, flogging them or restraining the penis or testicles with straps, ropes or metal.
  • Tit torture follows similar lines. Nipples tend to take more punishment than testicles although both can take some punishment. TT practitioners regularly use pegs, wax, temporary piercing, docking bands, suction pumps or clamps.
  • Genital torture and tit torture are mostly low risk practices, although care need to be taken with testicles especially if squeezing or using weights. A safeword should be used if playing in a Dom and Sub role.

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