Polycarbonate Chastity Cage Set

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  • These plastic chastity sets can be used with multiple partners and are a reasonably priced entry into the world of keyholding and orgasm control. 
  • Lock your property up and all attention will be on you who hold the key! 
  • The whole set includes:

1. One cage. 

2. Five rings.

 3.Locking pins and spacers.

4.Five individually numbered plastic locks.

5.One brass padlock with two keys.

Cage size: detail in the picture 
Ring size:  5 different inside diameter about 1.38''/1.50''/1.69''/1.81''/1.93''(35mm/38mm/43mm/46mm/49mm).

Weight: net weight about 8 oz (195g)

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