PASSIONAL Boutique (then Fetishes Boutique) has supplied performers and gender nonconforming people with apparel and improvisational tools since we opened our doors in 1996.
Back then people improvised with bandages, vet wrap and masculine cut latex tank tops which were used before designers created and marketed compression garments as a merchandise category.
Binding strategies have evolved over the years as health and logistics became apparent to a generation of people who have use them.
Today, the brands and designs of binders we offer, along our with pay it forward option have expanded to make these products accessible to more people.
Although we previously launched a binder exchange program for store credit in 2009 at the suggestion of some customers, we suspended program that in 2015 . Now, we instead collect binder donations- We offer a 10% store discount for people who bring or ship us gently used binders which we then donate to charities for homeless and low income lgbtq+ people.