Renegade Soft Rings

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Simple, extra user friendly and ultra effective, Renegade Rings comfortably enhances erection strength, helps improve stamina, and, most importantly, increases pleasure for both mates during sex. 

Renegade Super Soft Power Rings - Totally versatile, interchangeable and always reliable, Renegade's Super Soft Power Rings are playful and plushy, but also super-effective. Mix and match the three sizes to suit your style- each can be worn over shaft, shaft and balls or balls alone.

  • Super Soft Silicone
  • Hypoallergenic, Body Safe
  • 3 Graduated Sizes  - 1.625" Small, 1.9" Medium, 2.25" Large in Diameter
  • Rings stretch from .75", .9", and 1" in Diameter 

Available Colors: Black, Blue

Romeo Dual Ring - Uniquely shaped into two distinct areas, this dual ring holds snug around the base of the penis and balls simultaneously. Maintaining a thick, firm erection while constriction the testicles for a thrilling 'tug' effect, Romeo's dual design not only staves off too-soon ejaculation, but works to intensify orgasm when the time finally comes.  This one also works great as a small harness thrust buffer, or to shorten the length of a dildo that's a little too long!

  • Silicone Exterior with Elastomer Interior
  • Hypoallergenic, Body Safe
  • Length: 2.5", Width: 1.9", Thickness: 0.5"
  • Romeo's ring's stretch from approximately .9" 
  • Easy to Clean (Do not boil)

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Red

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