S&M Silky Sash Restraints

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  • This pair of soft, erotic sashes can be used to bind wrists, ankles, arms, and even made into a blindfold to keep your lover in the dark and help them concentrate on the feelings. 
  • Each sash measures four feet by four inches wide, giving you plenty of room to turn your partner into a willing captive or to simply position them for support and accessibility.
  • Don't settle for leftover neck ties - upgrade to luxury with the Beginner's Silk Sash Restraints!

Color: Black, Red, Gray or Purple

Type: Tie / Tether Count: 2 Sashes

Length: 4 feet Width: 4 inches. Beginner's Silk Sash Restraint

bdsm, restraints, bondage, rope, tie up, couples, sexuality, mobility, fantasy, role play

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