Second Person Queer: Who You Are Lawrence Shimel & Richard Labonte

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First Person Queer was an anthology of nonfiction essays written in the first person by a variety of gay and lesbian authors, was a snapshot of GLBT life and experience in the modern age. Published in 2007, it received wide acclaim and won the Lambda Literary Award for Anthologies and the Independent Publisher Award (Gold) for gay/lesbian books.

Second Person Queer is an unusual companion book: it is an anthology of essays on GLBT life written in the second person.

  • Essays in the form of letters to family and friends, missives to homophobes, confessions to lovers, and words of advice for the next generation
  • Subjects as large and looming as violence, coming out, gay marriage, and raising children.
  • Intimate and engaging as How to Become a Visible Femme, How Not to Be Offended by Everything, and How to Become a Country Leather Bear.
  • Powerful, funny, poignant: these are the stories of who you are as a GLBT person, or the person you would most like to be
  • Contributors include
    • S. Bear Bergman
    • Sky Gilbert
    • Matt Bernstein Sycamore (a.k.a. Mattilda),
    • Achy Obejas
    • Andy Quan
    • Michael Rowe
    • Stacey May Fowles
    • Amber Dawn
  • 2009 Paperback, 223 pages

Lgbt culture, lifestyle, pride, book


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