Sex Outside the Lines Chris Donaghue

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In Sex Outside the Lines, Dr. Chris Donaghue describes the holes in society's definition of "normal"

  • puts  sharp eye to institutions such as marriage, cheating, virginity, identity, and sexual orientation.
  • examines all the ways that accepting society's "truths" have led to the demise of long-term relationships and sexual pleasure
  • learn  successful methods for freeing yourself from sexual hang-ups
  • learn to filter misinformation that prevents you from having the sex life you're entitled to
  • learn to let go of shame and embarrassment.
  • learn to see and accept the desires you have - even if they don't align with societal expectations - are really natural, healthy, and part of having a great sex life!

sexuality, sociology, romance, relationships, monogamy, polyamory, psychology, book

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