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Flirting is half desire to flirt with someone we find attractive, and the other half is knowing how to use the "tools of the flirting trade." Under Violet Blue's wise and helpful tutelage, you can become a flirting diva. Or, if you are not quite a diva, this book is for you, too, and you'll find it laced throughout with humorous personality tests and wile caricaures of flirty personal you can try on or use for inspiration.

  • Our desire to connect with someone cute gives us motivation
  • Our body, mind, and conversational skills make a flirty encounter a fun, adventurous reality.
  • If you are not a born flirt, and most of us are NOT, you can learn this very seductive art
  • Flirting is a skill you can hone into a craft.
  • Anyone can be a good, fun, brazen, sassy, or great flirt!
  • Total Flirt is the hip girl's handbook to getting any guy you want.
  • Total Flirt teaches readers how to walk like a siren, talk like a bombshell, seduce like a vamp, and even how to do all this on the Internett!
  • The essential guide to having a good time anywhere, anytime, and with anyone.

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