Sheer Cup Pocket Bra

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Designed specifically with the crossdresser in mind! Soft, sheer stretchable premium quality fabric holds our realistic breastforms in. You can see how the forms naturally fall like real breasts in this special bra. The look and feel is phenomenal! It features a satin compartment that holds the forms in place in the bra so they will not move about or fall out (or down). THE PERFECT SOLUTION! This will be your one & only bra needed. The look is real no matter how sheer or transparent your clothing is.
***Note: Breastforms sold separately (choose picture shown right). For more information about our special made panties, bras and lingerie styles

Available Colors: Black

Available Sizes: 36 C-D, 42-44 C-D, 38-40 B, 38-40 D-DD, 42-44 D-DD

crossdressing, gender transformation, body mod, femme

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