Squirms, Screams and Squirts: Handbook for Turning Great Sex Into Extraordinary Sex ( Advanced Sexual Studies ) Robert Rubel

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Doctor Robert "Dr. Bob" Rubel has created a book and companion workbook focused on cisgender heterosexual men (but also applicable to pansexual and bisexual people who participate in vaginal sex) created because (in the author's words). "If I'd had such a book decades ago, it would have changed my sex life forever." 

  • A primer to train you to become a (hetero) sexual virtuoso
  • The Sexual Anatomy of (cisgender) Women
  • Concerning Stimulation and Ejaculation
  • Erotic Shaving
  • Lubes 
  • Vibrators
  • Specialty Dildos
  • The Art and Science of Oral Sex with Women
  • Anilingus and Related Topics
  • Fingering Techniques -
  • Psychological assurance and pleasurable reinforcement
  • Textbook =Paperback, 2008 162 pages
  • Workbook= Paperback, 2008 162 pages 

The companion workbook includes exercises and research to advance your study of great sex!

Sexual technique for great vaginal sex

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