Swrarovski Pearl Day Collar

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  • A strand of pearls was a staple to any wardrobe in the 40's and 50's, and it's still a classic today.
  • This simple graduated Swarovski pearl necklace features a large, sterling silver chain extender on the back, a juxtaposition of classic pearls and heavy metals. 
  • 11 inches of Heavy Swarovski crystal pearls in rose gold. 
  • Pearls range in size from 14mm-4mm.
  • 6mm heavy sterling silver chain.
  • Your choice of length.
  • A small nickel silver heart padlock is included as a clasp. It comes with two keys. 
  • This day collar is made for form, not function. Please use precaution not to pull roughly on your pearls as the strand will break, and you could be injured. (Sirs, please remember that leather is better suited for rough play.)

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