Tall Curved Posture Collar

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This Curved Posture Collar makes the wearer stand straight and tall. The curve provides some room for the wearer's jawline, as opposed to the Straight Edge collars which compel the wearer to keep their chin up and head back.

  • Made of thick, rigid leather which won't crease.
  • D-ring in the front for a leash.
  • These collars are 21/2" tall.
  • Closed by means of one lockable buckle on the back.
  • We are confident that you won't find a better price on a comparable collar.
    • Small - Tall Curved Posture Collar - fits 121/2 - 141/2" neck
    • Medium - Tall Curved Posture Collar - fits 14 - 161/2" neck
    • Large - Tall Curved Posture Collar - fits 161/2 - 191/2" neck
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