The Clitoral Truth - Rebecca Chalker, 2nd Ed

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The Clitoral Truth goes beyond all other sexuality self-help guides by providing a surprising "inside" look at  genital anatomy, and revealing that what is almost universally thought of as a sensitive pea-sized nubbin is, in reality, a powerful, responsive organ system! The Clitoral Truth reveals every aspect of this multifaceted organ and how the parts work together to produce pleasure and orgasm. This frank, frisky, user-friendly guide by Rebecca Chalker also addresses:

  • the controversy over female ejaculation and explores why so few people with vaginas have discovered their potential to experience multiple orgasms.
  • why many women of all ages fake orgasms
  • the landscape / anatomy and physiology of the nervous systems that induce orgasm
  • vivid personal accounts
  • a savvy, in-depth survey of female sexuality resources
  • bold and explicit illustrations of San Francisco artist Fish

The Clitoral Truth surveys the numerous ways that women have begun to transform the deeply entrenched male-centered model of sexuality to actively redefine it by emphasizing full-body pleasure. And, likely, better orgasms!

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