The Leather Daddy and the Femme

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  • This is San Francisco's notorious SOMA/South of Market, a neighborhood colonized by leatherfolk long before the dot-commers and ravers arrived. From dark alleys to tastefully-appointed dungeons, from hotel penthouses to transgender bars, Randy/Miranda embraces her heart's, mind's, and body's desires with an assortment of sexes, genders, and sexual orientations. With Jack and others--all denizens of San Francisco's sexual fringes--she creates her own queer version of family.

  • Mistress of sexual storytelling Carol Queen offers a fresh look at sexual lifestyles and choices that are misinterpreted and repudiated by the mainstream. Her perceptive and knowledgeable treatment inserts a new viewpoint into the carefully developed relationships of power play, destroying stereotypes and modeling open communication.

    A 1999 Firecracker Alternative Book Award-winner in the original edition (Cleis Press, 1998).

books, media, sexualfantasy, pansexual, femme, leatherdaddy, erotica

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