The Sexually Dominant Woman: A Workbook for Nervous Beginners Lady Green

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Lady Green a/k/a Janet W. Hardy is the author or coauthor of twelve groundbreaking books about relationships and sexuality, including The Ethical Slut (more than 200,000 copies sold to date)

  • By Lady Green, a dominant of 35 years’ experience and a respected author and teacher
  • Distilled and updated extensive knowledge database into this beginner-friendly guidebook.
  • Learn about safe, fun, erotic female-dominant play
  • Fundamentals of bondage, sensation and control games
  • How to provide sensation or indulge specific fetishes 
  • Entertaining drawings
  • Intro-level information
  • Lots of reassurance for the nervous or uncertain novice
  • Includes a script to inspire and support the novice through her first scene
  • New section on partner-finding skills
  • Updated information on the possible emotional effects of female-dominant play
  • The perfect guide or gift for any woman who wants to spice up her bedroom play with a bit of kink!
  • 1999 revised Paperback 93 pages

fem domme, mistress, submission, dominatrix, punishment

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