Trustex Dental Dam

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  • Dental Dam Condom is available in delicious flavors: Strawberry and Vanilla.
  • Each sold separately.
  • Latex Dental Dam comes from Trustex, the name you have come to trust for birth control and disease prevention with their reliable latex condoms now make fun flavored dental dams.
  • Latex Dental Dams Oral Sex Condoms by Line One Laboratories Inc. Safe and satisfying!
  • The Latex Dental Dam is made for helping reduce the risk of getting a STD.
  • For the ultimate protection for oral-genital contact during sex, Dental Dams are the best choice.
  • Dental Dams are used to help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases during oral sex by acting as a barrier to vaginal and anal secretions that may contain bacteria and viruses.
  • They're very thin, yet reliable and strong, so your partner gets the most stimulation while you both remain highly protected.
  • Dental Dams come in a variety of delicious flavors which you know will taste great because they are made by the same company that makes Trustex flavored condoms.
  • The dental dam is flavored to make the encounter more enjoyable.
  • Simply place the dam over the place of oral encounter and have great time!
  • Scented Latex Dental Dams are a 6 inches by 8 inches sheet of latex rubber scented in 5 delicious flavors. Banana Latex Dental Dam, Grape Latex Dental Dam, Mint Latex Dental Dam, Mint Latex Dental Dam and Strawberry Latex Dental Dam.
  • Easy to use: simply place the dam over the place of oral encounter and have great time! Note: sexually transmitted diseases may be passed during oral sex.
  • Flavored personal lubricant over your different erogenous zones and invite your lover to discover them one by one.

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