Two Stage Cylinder

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Advanced pumpers can now feel pleasurable vacuum suction on both the penis and scrotum in one cylinder! Its easy to use, just place yourself into the cylinder and attach the hand pump to the release valve and pump away. The smaller opening into the larger chamber keeps much of your abdomen from being pulled into the cylinder. The larger chamber allows for plenty of extra room for expansion. Many men have been able to pump their penises to 8 inches in circumference, and scrotum to 10 inches in circumference.

  • Comfortable, Durable Plastic Material
  • Will Not Irritate Skin
  • Increase Girth and Size
  • Do Not Pump to be Larger than the Container
  • Does Not Include a Hand Pump or Hose

Two stage cylinders are sized by measuring with a string around the penis and scrotum (near where you would wear a penis restriction ring.) Use the measurement with the chart to determine the first stage size, the second stage should be 1" - 1.5" larger.

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