Upcycled Leather Boa

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Leather and kink educator and performer Penni Dreadfull has created a leather boa from leather scraps comingled with upcycled leather clothing from folks who make up the fabric of the leather community (many pieces from indomitable leather leaders and celebrity players from as far back as Stonewall to current titleholders).

  • Each pieces is handmade and is one of a kind depending on color availability etc.
  • Ecologically manufactured from discarded leather scraps and upcycled leather clothing.
  • No two boas are exactly alike
  • Special requests and commissions are available
  • Each boa measures approximately 6.5 feet long by about 8" in diameter
  • Each boa weighs approximately 3 lbs

pride, boa, drag, burlesque, cosplay, impact, flogger, halloween

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