Wonder Body A Sophisticated Coloring Book for Curious Adults Amy Butcher & Alex Jade

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Sex author and educator Amy Butcher has created a series of drawings celebrating the pleasure centers of the human body. Each drawing is presented paired with Alex Jade's mindful relaxation and tantra-influenced exercises that explore energy, sensation and desire. 

Wonder Body is a multi-faceted exploration of the ways our bodies can sense, know, and receive pleasure.

  • engaging text
  • expressive images
  • meditative experience of coloring itself
  • create a rich, multi-modal, somatic experience of embodiment.
  • explorations begin with the senses (not just the big five),
  • tour the seven subtle energy centers
  • discoverwide variety of unexpected portals of pleasure for your consideration.
  • coloring can be relaxing and meditative; now it can be enlivening too.
  • bring these pages to life, literally moving them from B&W to Technicolor.
  • an experiential adventure--using mind, body and curiosity--to discover all the potency of your Wonder Body!
  • 92 pp. and contains 36 full-page illustrations with matching (gender and identity inclusive) text. 
  • a bonus flip book built in for extra whimsical pleasure.
  • top bound for ease of use by left or right-handed colorists
  • convenient 8.5" square format for portability.
  • each drawing and exercise is its own tool that can create a healing state of mind
  • a dose of self love ritual and awareness
  • a great gift for yourself or any person affected by physical injuies or illness, people experiencing anxiety or dysphoria around sexual connection and relationships, young adults exploring pleasure and possibility
  • 2017 Paperback, 94 pages

tantra, spirituality, mindfulness, relationships, anorgasmia, asexual, gift, sensatonplay, depression, anxiety, relationships, gender, lgbt+, coloring, mindfulness, sensation

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