Wood Lollipop Crop Paddle

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All the flexibility of a crop combined with the inflexibility of a wood tip, this one will leave a mark!

Standard Lollipop paddle features: 

  • a hand turned wooden handle with a 2" circle on the end
  • fiberglass rod.  
  • approximately 26" long
  • available in a variety of colored wood options  just a standard wood of our choosing
  • stimulate the area where the buttocks meets the thigh to activate the perineal nerve
  • gently drum the shoulders and upper back for a tension relieving massage sensation
  • these products are sold as props for fantasy role play- neither seller nor maker is liable for any injuries resuliting from use or misuse of this product
  • call for color availability.

Speciality Triskilion version features

  • carved head on one side, smooth on back
  • leaves a clear mark (see photo)
  • customers and friends report that drumming textured impact tools against the buttocks can relieve pelvic tension in some humans

Handmade by members of the kink community in the Southeastern USA

bdsm, impact, punishment,discipline, thud, sting, marking

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