Yes, No, Maybe Workbook (Basic Edition) Kink Academy Princess Kali

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It's time for a revolution in sexual negotiation! The Yes, No, Maybe Workbook takes you beyond the simple yes, no, maybe checklists and gives you room to record the deeper nuances of your erotic desires, limits, and fantasies.

  • Fill these pages, and create your own personal erotic encyclopedia.
  • Aunique space to create an intimate reference guide
  • Organize your thoughts to understand them more deeply and express them to others more clearly.
  • Created by Princess Kali of Kink Academy
  • Use this book as a communication tool, and get what you want out of sex and kink!

negotiation, consent, fantasy, communication, relationships, bdsm, kink, dominance, submission, humiliation, exhibitionism, bondage, discipline, spanking, roleplay, ageplay, sissification, feminization

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